The Advantages Of Using Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets

Pallets are a common packaging material often utilized for storage and transportation of goods from a warehouse to distributor. Wooden pallets are most used because they are eco-friendly, economical and easy to repair. Quick production times and the ability to be resold are two additional factors when choosing wooden pallets.

Recently, there’s been an increased concern for environmental impact of shipping materials, and wooden pallets have proved to provide an eco-friendly option. Materials that are used to construct them can be harvested from old pallets, or recycled for other uses. The pallets can also be recycled into mulch, poster board or paper. Old pallets made from wood can also be utilized to construct new pallets, depending on the condition of the material.

Opposed to those made of plastic, if wooden pallets break, they can be repaired to restore them for use. Various wooden models are made using different boards. These boards can be removed, if broken and replaced individually. If a plastic pallet cracks or breaks, repairs are not as simple due to the fact that the material would have to be melted down and remolded for repair.

One main advantage of wooden pallets is that they are quick and easy to construct. Many pallet manufacturers build them by hand. Construction of the simplest design, stringer pallets, often requires only 3 stabilization boards, with deck boards attached. Stringer pallets can be made in just a few minutes, once the materials are measured to meet the manufacturing size standards.

The raw materials utilized to make wooden pallets is inexpensive. Softwood is often used to build disposable pallets, and is extremely economical. Hardwood is more costly and often requires a down payment from the business ordering hardwood pallets before they are built.

Hardwood pallets may cost more than other wooden pallets, but they can be resold, or even sold back to the manufacturer for replacement parts or resale. Some hardwood manufacturers will reduce the price of the pallet, if the business agrees to return those that are used. Many hardwood models are known as block pallets, which can be lifted from all four sides. Wooden pallets that can be lifted from all sides may be easier to store in a warehouse, and to maneuver with folk-lifts or pallet jacks.